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Please note that the text below was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.

The Third Alternative

Peter: The Third Alternative is the new and radical discovery that the world view or current wisdom is merely a vast metaphysical construct based on 5.8 billion human beings instinctually battling it out for survival. With fear and aggression firmly rooted in the bosom of each of us, any attempts at finding lasting peace and harmony, either individually or collectively, have in the past been doomed to failure. Our current primitive view of good spirits (God, Truth, Love, etc.) battling it out with bad spirits (Devils, Evil, Hate, etc.) is but a global-wide primitive fantasy of the internal battle that rages passionately within the heads and hearts of each human.

Every human is born with a primitive sense of self complete with a set of instinctual reactions (fear, aggression, nurture and desire) meant to ensure the survival of the species. Further we are imbibed with a social identity from early age consisting of the particular morals and ethics of the tribe we are born into. We further develop an individual identity within the tribe consisting mainly of the particular beliefs, customs and behaviour that appeal to us and that we take as our own.

This collection of hard-wiring and programming we fondly call ‘me’ and we then proceed into the world to make our way as best we can. No wonder everyone feels lost, lonely and frightened and develops a very, very cunning nature. This created ‘persona’ is then so dense, so convincing, so instinctually perceived as to be ‘real’, that it is taken to be ‘set in concrete’ as it were.

One has had two alternatives as a human being to date – remaining ‘normal’, accepting ‘one’s lot in life’ and doing ‘the best one can to cope with a tough life’ – or becoming religious or spiritual, joining in or believing in a particular god-based belief system that espouses that there is a better life after death.

Many came to Eastern Religions from the 60’s onwards after experiencing Pure Consciousness Experiences or similar glimpses of something other than ‘normal reality’, or as a genuine search for personal peace and a desire for global peace. These experiences and desires appeared to fit neatly with the Altered State of Consciousness of the eastern tradition of spiritual experiences. The eastern tradition also pointed to the ego, or personal self, as the ‘problem’ and was condemnatory both of the ‘real’ world and Western monotheist religions, all of which was appealing to the new converts. Thus it is that the current fad for meditation, spiritual and other feel-good experiences, denial of the physical as merely illusionary, condemnation of the body/ mind, affective imagination and Guru-worship has blossomed to epidemic proportions.

All common sense, sensate experience and sensibility are sacrificed for the utterly selfish cultivation of a ‘higher’ spiritual identity. The Eastern religions also tag on the delusionary state of Enlightenment, an extreme Altered State of Consciousness, wherein one can become God or ‘at one with God’ while still ‘in the body’. In this massive delusion one believes oneself to be Immortal, Timeless, Spaceless, Eternal and Divine. So it is that one accepts that humans are to forever fight it out and suffer or seek a fantasy fuelled imaginary escape into a ‘spirit’-ual world – a sort of ‘Beam me up, Scottie’ scenario. To call this act of denial and pseudo-transcendence ‘freedom’ is to abuse the word and make a mockery of common sense and intelligent observation.

That this whole ancient mythical scenario has lasted so long is very strange but, then again, it is only this century that has seen radical advances in technology. The amazing developments in transport, communications, health, agriculture, information technology and education, are bringing unprecedented levels of comfort, security, and well-being to an increasing number of people. It is high time that peace and harmony replace the endemic ceaseless wars and conflicts, suffering and sorrow on the planet.

Now there is available a third alternative to being normal or spiritual – an actual freedom from the human condition of malice and sorrow, for those individuals sufficiently motivated to pursue the unthinkable. It is now possible to erase not only one’s personal and social identity but also the instinctually programmed self, becoming free of the Human Condition of malice and sorrow. A method has been developed whereby one can question, investigate and eliminate all of the beliefs that form one’s social identity – who we ‘think’ we are – and all of the instinctual passions – who we ‘feel’ we are. What remains is the third ‘I’ – this flesh and blood body only, actually free of fear and aggression. To be happy and harmless is now the destiny of all human beings, should they wish to make the effort to escape their fate of being forever trapped in malice and sorrow.

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