Commonly Raised Objections

A Pure Consciousness Experience is not Universal

According to Richard and others, everyone has had a PCE sometime in their life. And, a good question here: Does Richard or others know this to be a fact ...

Richard claims that all the people he spoke to had PCE’s some of them could only remember after repeated prodding? What is the credibility of such a report as the prodding can bias the subject? Because a lot depends on this claim ... in fact the method rests on this claim ... if this isn’t true for everyone, then the method can be applied only to a select few. I for one cannot remember any ...

How do you know [that every single human being has had at least one pure consciousness experience (PCE)]?

A request for an estimated guess not related to the above ... when was the human animal first capable to experience a PCE?

Any particular realization is also an understanding, and therefore a thought. Or, to put it differently, there is no such thing as a PCE.

I agree that if there is a PCE, for some people the memory itself can be a trigger for the actuality. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for most people. Some of us find keen awareness of death or the truth of impermanence tends to trigger PCE but again, that does not seem to be so for most others I have talked with, unfortunately.

I also had a thought. If everybody has at least one PCE in one’s life and if the law of averages holds in these matters, on an average, large part of population should have more than one PCE and a very small population should have much more than the average number of PCE’s. Since you said you have been searching through books for anybody talking about anything like Actual Freedom, what about people experiencing PCE’s? What did they do about their experiences, i.e. PCE’s, if they had them?

And how can anyone agree with you as there are so few PCE’s one experiences during life compared to the time spent busy being an identity? It would be a very interesting report to read on this mailing list from someone who is experiencing a PCE while writing. Do you remember for such a thing to have happened in the past? Or do you have any links or descriptions of PCE’s that can be accessed off-site (as the actualist style of writing is quite -ism specific compared to umm … D. H. Lawrence for example). For if it is such a global occurrence there would be many reports/descriptions of it, including on the internet.

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