Actual Freedom ~ Commonly Raised Objections

Commonly Raised Objections

The Actualism Method is not Unique

I find it worrying when a person claims to have found the only way to freedom.

It is not new, it is not the only method that works but it is fine. The problem I have is with you setting up an organisation that takes your claims and makes a system of belief from them.

Actualism’s elimination of the social and instinctual selves is identical with the elimination of the commanding self which is what the Sufis do (the real ones, not the dress-up-and-run-round-in-circles ones). See any of Idries Shah’s books. Actualism is not new or original. It has been done before.

Richard’s source book: Alan Watts, The Book on the Taboo of Knowing Yourself.

Douglass Harding, Byron Katie, Maximillian Sandor, bunches of folks in the ex-scientology camp (put ‘freezone’ into your search engine) are all, in their various ways, about using INSIGHT to deconstruct to iron grip of ego-self without getting caught up in the big SELF spiritualist experience of Ramana Maharshi, Bernadette Roberts, et al.

I’ve come across a lot of stuff over the last several months, the actual freedom stuff included in the lot. Here’s a link to something that might go along with it. I’d like to know from you actualists out there if this seems like a method that would fit in with the endorsed way of working toward actual freedom; deals with an ‘original belief’ in the brain. Here it is ... Read one of the top 2 articles to get the gist.

There are hints pointing towards your actual state in the 4th way system as well (one of its major sources are esoteric Sufi teachings), but it is said that it can only be achieved when ‘enjoying’ a fully operational Self already in place, not before. So this being an already difficult thing to achieve for most people, it probably seemed pointless to develop the idea even further or to convey/design any specific method when there was no case. Your case seems to prove that ...

Actualism ‘works’ just as well as other religions. And why wouldn’t it? It’s simply a moral injunction to avoid ‘malice’ and ‘sorrow’ at all costs, and to arrange your life accordingly. Is the daily business of trying to abort one’s psyche identical to the direct experience that matter is not merely passive? Look around you. The evidence being referred to is the dozens of people who practice your method with varying degrees of dedication ranging from casual interest to rabid fanaticism without becoming actually free. The method doesn’t work any better than moral precepts/injunctions.

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