Actual Freedom ~ Commonly Raised Objections

Commonly Raised Objections

There is No Proof that the Actualism Method Works

You offer a method to attain actual freedom and that does allow for verifiable results – but again this cannot prove that no else has previously attained actual freedom before you – how can it?

How can you speak of a way towards ‘actual freedom’ not via the ‘Rock of Enlightenment’ if you haven’t walked that route yourself? There is still proof to come for this route to actually exist and then we can speak of an efficient viable method of riding ourselves from the human condition. There is still evidence to come for a person to safely arrive to ‘actual freedom’ and then to convey how it was ‘via the non-enlightenment route’.

In a PCE, there is no need for a relationship as everything is already perfect. There is an enormous feeling of well being and there seems to be no particular motivation to go and find another person and prove that two people of the opposite gender can live together in peace, harmony, equity, etc. My question is: ‘What motivates Richard to be in a relationship with a woman if he is living in Actual Freedom (which I understand to be more or less a permanent PCE)?’ I mean, why bother? My observation is that if Richard (who claims to live in Actual Freedom) and Devika/Irene (who claimed to have lived in Virtual Freedom) could not really make a go of it, than there are no observable facts to show that two people of the opposite gender who practice/live actualism can indeed live in peace, harmony and equity. (...) Richard’s interactions with people on the mailing list do not seem to be consistent with his claim that he lives in actual freedom and that he is happy and harmless 24 hours a day.

May I ask what is actual/factual and thus irrefutable about your claim that your method ‘has a proven track record that delivers the goods’? Would you mind pointing us in the direction of this lengthy actual/factual and thus irrefutable track record? Thankyou. May I ask what is actual/factual and thus irrefutable about your proposed mystical phenomenon of ‘self-immolation’? May I ask what is actual/factual and thus irrefutable about your claim to be the one and only one ever free of what you dub, ‘the human condition’? May I ask what is so actual/factual and thus irrefutable about your theory that there is only one moment and all happens in that one moment, for example, the typing of this correspondence is happening in the same exact moment that one hundred thousand humans were vaporized during the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945, nearly 60 years ago and that took place in the same moment that those unlucky aforementioned vaporized were dining unawares of their fate a mere 24 hours later?

So, being that your obviously the antichrist you’ve got some work ahead of you before you can lead the world into darkness ... (108 Correspondents isn’t going to cut it).

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