Commonly Raised Objections

No Proof that Time and Space Actually Exist

I have already reached the stage usually referred to as ‘enlightenment’. (...); My Gob [Ground of Being] is an Absolute or Ultimate Ground of Being. It includes everything. Space and time come from Gob. While Richard insists that space and time are actual, he cannot prove that space and time have any existence outside of the mind of the perceivers. From my own perspective as an enlightened person I can agree that space actually exists. But space exists only in relation to the mind of the observer. Outside of the mind or minds of the perceivers, space does not exist, ‘actually’ or otherwise. Space exists because a mind or minds exist to perceive it. You cannot prove that space or the universe exists a priori. When Richard tries to prove the ‘Actual’ existence of form, he resorts to ontological arguments for example: <snipped quote from Richard> Here he blithely ignores the fact that all the words he uses to describe the ‘actual’ (such as physical, tangible, concrete and corporeal) have no foundation outside of the mind of the perceivers.

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