Actual Freedom ~ Commonly Raised Objections

Commonly Raised Objections

Actualists are Proselytizing and too Verbose

A blast of hot air. Wow. Tell me, how does this inflated rhetoric apply when you brush your teeth in the a.m. and p.m.?

This stream of words that I read which I see as having an artistic value second to none – I am impressed! Yet, in its very verbosity, and impenetrable cohesion and monologueness, leaves me with the feeling that meeting this Richard in the actual reality of his idyllic seaside village would be a bit like being fucked by an actual steam train?

Your language here is a little convoluted. Could you re-phrase it? Do you mean that ‘concepts’ were the whole purpose of the meeting, or they were not ... or something else entirely. May I ask? How did you come to be so verbose?

For my taste, you guys write way too long posts, so I have not read any post completely.

What are all these nonsense you are talking about? You are so much involved about how to live that you are missing life. If you were millionaire with your boat should you think how to live? These subject about living is only for people who are problematic and are trying to find one utopia.

Your website is hilarious! Baits in the front page to entice people to enter. ... The midi melodies are they to delay the pages opening or to make one ‘contemplate’ while waiting? Even if one is able to find one’s way around your web what does one find? A lot of noise. 4.0 million words free of charge! Why don’t you synthetise that intense verbal diarrhoea in a book form and try to sell it?

Why you do so much clamour about your experience which left you without feelings, and your disciples bow down at it? If you are liberated from the human condition and harmlessly-free-happy now, good for you! You are above humanity, enjoy it alone! Or do you need company for a larger enjoyment?

Ha ... I was trying to understand why the 110th actualist will publish a report about (his way to) an actual freedom from the human condition (the maze) if he has nothing new to say. An exercise in creativity then? As it is a DIY method (haietmoba?) and actualism is concerned with experiential, not intellectual (a side product) or affective results, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Not to mention the post-traumatic issue for me in regard to ‘spreading the word’ even as a chain letter. I was wondering if there will be any need for the 9th factualist to write a report about the actual freedom experience. What use will be for a report if it describes the same experience?

Richard who do you think your kidding? Many on this list do not appreciate your lack of concern for others with your long posts that often are only a lesson in ego mania. We’ve told you before that your long posts cost us money. If you were truly enlightened and beyond you would consider others and not try to impress them.

Why would you want to notify other people of its existence (peace-on-earth)? It would appear that what you are doing is simply tooting your own horn, which is simply an aspect of the ego life. You want people to know that you have arrived at the ultimate in order to establish yourself as a leader of sorts. I have only seen you make claims about yourself. I have not seen you give advice on how we would achiever a state of total freedom. The point of the things you have told us could only be to convince us that you have the answer and we should come to you for it.

While I could be ensconced in a cocoon of complacent ignorance, you could well be terror-driven over the edge. I say this because your posts communicate a weirdness that is quite palpable. You are argumentative, not objectively critical. This is a characteristic of emotional instability.

I think the question was clear enough. The reply is evasive. I had to read it twice to actually get the grammar straight. I had the same problem. In fact I’ve been watching Richard’s writing deteriorate over the years. I’m no English expert but it’s obvious he is sacrificing clarity and ease of reading for a preference in avoiding sentence structure ... for some stupid reason. His sentences are now so long and convoluted as to make them almost impossible to understand without performing tedious, time wasting, mental acrobatics. His lack of punctuation belies his pure intent to communicate his (so called) experience of the simplicity of this actual world and only shows his on-going fascination for tweaking unnecessary mental activity.

Your writings are full of soooo much ... and yet the nitty gritty of sticking to the method is all that really matters surely. And the use of words not in use in every day language is not necessary and is exclusive though impressive and this messes with peace on earth yes? Do you enjoy your actions being influential and getting approval and bearing fruits? Why do you enjoy people finding the site ...

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