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Commonly Raised Objections

Without Instinctual Passions 
No Defence Against Attacks from Aliens

I would like to ask you something about the universe and our world and our instinctual passions. Humans have survived and are beginning to flourish. In our world. But what about other planets, if there are other civilizations. If people would leave in a utopia without instinctual passions, in peace, and an alien powerful instinct-driven race would attack our planet, we won’t have any military to defend ourselves as a first defence. So how would we survive then? Maybe that is the reason humanity won’t give up its instincts because such an attack is a possibility, and there’s no way to survive it without being constantly not in peace as a race, for the fire to be on, for the heat to be up, as we simply won’t have any weapons. I understand that what I’m saying is the survival projection of survival of the species and the fear to examine passions. But isn’t there any validity to this question, as the big scheme picture might not be just the humanity, animals and this planets, but other planets and other raging species?

I’m certainly not interested in starting a long discussion about things have been discussed through and through on the site. All in all, from the 4 million words that contain discussions on what’s it like to be a human being in the universe, life, humanity, and that are also contain questions and objections, this is something that hasn’t been discussed at all, and I don’t see how it is something to be neglected. I’ve started discussing this with Richard, but he had just answered once, and not to the question I have asked, and hadn’t continued the discussion since then ... For what it worth, I’ll just leave it here, maybe he’ll find a time and an interest to further discuss it, or at least to be precise and to correct his correspondence. To me it looks like something very important to discuss ... <quote> The above correspondence was about the future, like 300-1000-5000-1,000,000 years ahead or so, not the current times.

I was asking about a future scenario and you have answered me referring to a present day scenario. It haven’t been asked on the actual freedom site, however this issue is something that is on many human minds, as you can see in modern movies, culture, and internet talk. Also, I cannot see how this is so improbable taking into account the many possibilities that the universe has.  ... what I’m interested most in discussing is, whether humanity in actual freedom are better capable of handling such a scenario than humanity that is in human condition in the future. Because, if not, then, how exactly can I wish the best for other humans by heading to an actual freedom from the human condition?

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