Actual Freedom ~ Commonly Raised Objections

Commonly Raised Objections

Actual Freedom is Drug-Induced / Just Like on Drugs

So, instead of any method or ANY thing you have been discussing on your website, Richard – A Chemical precipitated your 4hr PCE.

And ‘your’ actuality lasts 24 hours? Did you take one many too acid trips and fail to come back? Even Krishnamurti knew the effects of LSD and other hallucinogens; that they could catapult one into another dimension, but that would be a dependency on an artificial means.

Anyway I have taken several times LSD in my life and don’t know whether it is useful in ‘the path’ [maybe it was just ASC]. ... I don’t know but the ‘inadvertent precipitation’ effect of psylocibin may be sometimes crucial. [Addendum]: Oops I meant ‘inadvertent precipitating’ effect.

Sometimes I still use psylocibin though it is not much different from my usual state (slight senses and well-being increase). I think though, my present ongoing experience is that of ‘Excellent experience’ or generally as you suggested above virtual freedom.

TLE or any other temporal lobe affection not being included in DSM IV, they have missed taking into account a possible cause for your condition. Why were you taking that drug (psylocibin) for?

It appears that Actual Freedom is akin to the effects of psychotropic drugs when not overdosed and when one does not loose oneself in the imagination, but stays in the here & now and without addicting qualities on the one hand because of the absence of a pleasure/pain centre on the other hand because the effect is permanent. Is that correct?

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