Actual Freedom ~ Commonly Raised Objections

Commonly Raised Objections

Virtual Freedom is Sham

I find it odd that you were in VF for only 6 months and P and V have been in it for 7 years. If they don’t become AF within the next 3 years, well, something would seem amiss to me. It’s a little strange even at this point.

 ... IMO, it is only the magical quality of a PCE/AF that makes an emotion-free life worth contemplating. To be caught half way, unable to participate fully and feelingly in the human drama, yet unable to go forth into the clear open spaces beyond ‘humanity’ ... that is not something to aspire to, as I see it.

The happiness and satisfaction to be derived from committing oneself wholeheartedly to a meaningful course of action occurred to me long, long before December 2003 – long before I ever heard of you, or Peter, or Vineeto. There is nothing specific to actualism in that observation. By the same token, there is no reason to exclude actualism from it. Somebody like Irene, who has been ‘virtually free’ and presumably is no longer, would be best placed to give an answer to that one. Is virtual freedom anything at all, once the desire to be actually free and/or the belief in the possibility of becoming actually free, ceases? My gut feeling is that virtual freedom must be constantly policed, maintained affectively and cognitively by a constant barrage of actualist ideation, and for long-term success it requires people who are expert believers. May I ask? Did the once-‘virtually-free’ Irene succeed, in your estimation, in activating the ‘neurological process’ referred to in this message...

Did Grace finally come to her senses and dump you or not? Can you not just answer a simple question? You were busy looking for another sperm receptacl. ... and in return you revoked her virtually free status ... like you did to Irene. Your previous companion Irene, got her virtually free license revoked upon the demise of your relationship. Twasn’t that true? Sorry bro, but she came to the conclusion that after testing out your theories for quite some time, that you were wrong.

But why don’t you, Peter and Vineeto, have to stress more than once that you are honest and of pure intent aka heart? Because only to those endowed with these qualities shalt the gates of heaven be opened? But, then again – of what concern is it to your audience that you ARE honest & pure? You will notice the results yourself, anyway, and your state of virtual freedom seems to me to be quite comparable to what a lot of other reasonable beings, on this list or not, have achieved in this lifetime. The difference is that many of those other people don’t CLAIM honesty all the time – they LIVE it – no fuss about it. OTOH, your repeated stressing of purity & honesty makes me wonder even more why, then, the process Richard is describing has not occured in you yet. But then again, patience and perseverance are of the essence, we know. In your OSHO time and before, have you done a lot of Mantra practice?

The basis of that little bootstrap operation is to fake it until there’s no evidence that you’re faking it. Let it become such a good act that it might as well be genuine, as far as anyone knows. No-one else can know what you’re experiencing. And, besides, who the fuck are ‘you’ to judge? Voila. You’re ‘virtually free from the human condition’, because you’ll be damned if you’ll let that mask slip, publicly OR privately. I wonder if Richard endorses this little bit of ... ummm ... applied sincerity?

[Vineeto]: Once you decide and declare to yourself and others that you are living in Virtual Freedom, you can’t slip back into not having a perfect day. You mean otherwise you would not be inclined to be happy and harmless, unless you set yourself up as a virtually free person who has to adhere to certain expectations. Sounds pretty contrived to me.

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