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Commonly Raised Objections

Richard is Insane

When you as you say was for 11 years enlightened, you was in an ASC, and to my opinion you still are. Feelings have a location in the human brain. You have altered your brain for some reason. You know that mental diseases are not detected by magnetic topographies etc., unless a severe trauma happened to the brain. I mean one schizophrenia for example, not that you are schizophrenic, can not be detected with instruments. The diagnosis can only be made by observation of the symptoms. Human being is a feeling being.

I bet Peter and Vineeto recognised your alexithymic behaviour in Adam very well indeed.  That’s because that’s what he has, and so do you.

There exist people that suffer from anhedonia. Is a fact. Does the brain of these people are different from yours as you operate now? I mean what is the difference of these patients and you? You said that you felt a brain change. Did you ever thought that you might altered your brain?

The absence of feeling is a kind of disorder because feeling is a natural and valuable feedback loop. When some people are confronted with horror, with overwhelming psychological trauma, they unconsciously cope by disconnecting. The intellect becomes isolated from the heart centre in some way. It may be that something happens to the brain. I am not an expert in the area but one can see in oneself that an absence of feeling is almost always associated with avoidance or denial mechanisms. What we need is not to be unconscious of feelings but to be more aware of what we feel even when there is an aversion to what we see.

Your inability to discern the difference in impact between individuals dying daily of old age, accident, disease, or ignorance, and this on-going horror as millions of human beings try to deal with a mass tragedy on a scale never experienced in our lifetimes reveals you to be a callous and mentally dissociated sick human being.

I wonder if the readers of this site realize that when Richard glowingly puts up his diagnosis by psychiatrists of psychosis and depersonalisation that this is not a light fickle assessment. This is a very serious affliction which is encompassed by delusions of thinking oneself to ‘not exist or to be perfect’. Does anyone see how analogous this is to thinking oneself is Christ or Napoleon?

Richard, have you given any thought that your past state (enlightenment) and present state might have been caused by what is known as Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) or any other affection of the Temporal Lobe? (...) The passage you posted is in no way showing that you are not suffering from TLE or any other Temporal Lobe disorder. Is it all just a big coincidence then? (...) What I’m suggesting is that altered and pure states are triggered by this part of the brain (which is involved in processing emotion and sensation) (...) Perhaps you should arrange a meeting with a psychiatrist because if your condition is indeed linked to (Right) Temporal Lobe damage, the + 4 million words on the website might prove to be more harmful than harmless.

This bring ups the issue of verifying sanity. How do you verify this Richard, are you independently claiming sanity?

Richard is not the only person I know who claims to have no emotions, feelings, or love. I recently met a physicist who said he had no feelings, absolutely none. However, that came about after he drove intentionally head-on into the path of an oncoming truck in a failed suicide attempt. I don’t know him that well, but he is now well respected and working at the university. He did say that he had lost his mind at that time. I don’t know what the correlation is, but it does seem that insanity does have some effect on the complete loss of feelings.

Respondent No. 40 may have a point about your brain being damaged and the thing is that a brain so damaged cannot know that it is damaged. Now I’m not saying that your brain is damaged in that way but I do know that a brain that has had a terrible shock to it, may have to adjust its thinking to accommodate what it can accept in order to survive without going totally stark raving mad. More than likely and right along the side of actualism.

My experience, observation and reasoning tells me that unless it’s accompanied by an actual pathological process that causes damage to the brain (maybe even be random damage at that), the actualism process is naught but wishful thinking and (at best) a powerful placebo effect. It causes changes, sure ... but those can (best, IMO) be attributed to: (a) finding a meaningful purpose to pursue; (b) being fully committed to a single goal; (c) doing it with a like-minded individual; (d) practising a happy/harmless morality (because that’s all it is unless/until ‘self’-immolation occurs). The possibility that a rare neurological condition was the driving force behind the remarkable events of your post-1980 life, and that your ‘followers’ were having themselves on, occurred to me right from the start. Moreover, I would be surprised if anybody had not considered the possibility that your enlightenment and ‘self’-immolation had a pathological cause. And if they have considered that possibility, all the rest (i.e. the idea that actualism is a ‘religion’ based on ‘faith’ ... though it tries hard not to be) follows naturally from this. Instead of saying I am ‘nearly certain’ that your condition is/was pathological, I should say that I simply have not ruled it out and its degree of likelihood mysteriously increases when I am throwing a tantrum.

I think in your discussions with Konrad, there was a mention about some thing that happened to your brain. Unfortunately the archives are not available. (...) In your discussions with Konrad there was some acknowledgement about the brain damage, I am pretty sure. (...) Perhaps what falls flat in the face is your inability to deal with simple questions but you deal with it with complex ‘artificial intelligence like’ cut and paste, piecing of words self defined semantics software that indeed does indicate some brain disorder.

There is some ground for assuming that Richard indeed suffers from some form of schizophrenia.

Can you people verify what this man called Richard is saying? He can be right or scizophrenic. The fact that I spelled the word scizophrenic instead of schizophrenic, does not change the fact or the meaning. The word schizophrenic is not the fact of shizophreny. The word book is not the book. Is just a symbol for communicating. So why are you so much bothering about the spelling? * I don’t want to play games with you. I am Psychiatrist. You said that a psychiatrist will know how to spell the word schizofrenic. But because I am Italian, I can misspell many words. I wonder though how you could not find that through your’s so called PCE’s? Do you see your stupidity? I am not crude, I describe you as you are.

Dear friends, here we have to dill with a strwnge phenomenon. Mr. Richard is saying that his was enlightened and he thought he was the parussia. n his own words. Then he met another person that was saying he was the parussia as well, and he said is impossible to be two parussias. Is like some craisy in the mental hospital saying he is Napoleon the grait and then he founds another one saying he is also Napoleon the grait ..., so is not possible to be two Napoleons ... I have read about many so called enlightened persons, but nobody said I am Jessus or, this or that. The person, Mr. Richard was in halussination. I think nobody who read about Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta Maharaj etc, nobody said I am this or that. He (Mr. Richard) claims that he was enligntened for so many years,  but he was just in one self deciving, halussinating state.

What I find curious is that Richard is so compelled to respond to all these ^attacks^. My momma always told me it takes two to argue [and] don’t pick on crazy people. In all sincerity, your mental balance seems to be deteriorating.

In all sincerity, your mental balance seems to be deteriorating. No mad man would agree that he is mad, non? Do you talk like this in live interactions as well?

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