Actual Freedom ~ Commonly Raised Objections

Commonly Raised Objections

Actualism Makes Empty Promises

In particular how do you know that what worked for you will work elsewhere. You are making big claims about the whole of humanity. That you don’t acknowledge this lack of knowledge on your part I find distasteful.

You promise life/heaven/magical fairy tale after death/oblivion (of the identity) promises of the sort are a dime a dozen. Different words, same thing. The actualism method can be considered perhaps even a sport of nature that worked but once for one person.

Keep your followers on that everlasting treadmill looking ahead for their life-saving PCE that some day will solve all their problems. You are if nothing else, a giver of hope.

Peter, can you put a figure to the ‘number’ you speak of? So the difficulties that people face are with ‘unearthing the required ingredients’ not the method? Why is it daring to report success to the mailing list? How do you envisage that Actualism will spread? What critical mass of actually or virtually free people will it take before we see an end to war, rape, murder, torture, child abuse, domestic, violence, corruption, and despotism? How long do you estimate that this process will take? Will it be remarkably short?

No 80 questioned or thought whether or not the part of the brain with monitored high activity involved in producing happiness for the Buddhist monk while meditating is also involved in producing (a-caused) happiness for an actualist asking ‘Haietmoba?’ while apperception is operating. The spiritualists have their happiness backed up by scientific fact. What would happen to an actualist who underwent the same study? If no actualist is willing to undergo this study could we not conclude that Actualists are unwilling to look at the facts, while spiritualists are? Peter, what you are saying makes complete sense, but both you and Richard are unwilling to open to such a scientific study.

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