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Frequently Flogged Misconceptions

There is No Such Thing as Blind Nature

Let us stay aware that the ‘instinctual’ passions also include all human possibility – including the awakening of a totally different way of meeting life. The mindset that looks down on instinct and posits a way of being beyond them is creating a wholly unnecessary division in which the innate intelligence of the instinct is unacknowledged and the karmic results of conditioning and choice are (falsely) pinned on ‘instinct’. Finally, there is no such thing as ‘blind’ Nature.

Isn’t the savage, brutal, wild tooth and claw view of nature a bit narrow minded? Isn’t it the projection of the fears of the divided from its source mentality? Are you saying that by painting a gloomy picture of the universe (‘blind tooth and red claw nature’) we will coerce people into telepathic transformation? Isn’t it fear of Death which biases that whole view? That is being trained to see death as losing.

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