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Frequently Flogged Misconceptions

You Cannot Change Human Nature

Hum, Richard, you can’t. And what need is there for ‘happily and harmlessly’. If there is ‘malice and sorrow’, the malice and sorrow will overcome the ‘happy and harmless’ in an instant or less!

Now, you say the instincts must and can be removed. I say this is impossible. You say you have done it. I say what you have done is to unravel the intertwined drives/thoughts that resulted in a confused feeling and mental capacity. It is the emotional confusion that has been cleared away, not the instincts. I see the intuition as the key to the proper integration of the intellect and instincts. And I am very clear and pointing out that I am not talking about the common use of the word. Rather, I relate it to an ‘innate intelligence’ that is already always functioning in each of us and the universe. You then quickly point out that you ‘have no intuition whatsoever ...’.

You claim the beast is an illusion. He is real. He will not die at our will. He may change forms and appearances, but like the serpent of old, he will merely take another form, perhaps posing as all sweetness and light this time. Out of the ectoplasm of the beast come many forms, including those of apparent beauty and sweetness. They are there for the purpose of seduction and enslavement. This is difficult for people to see.

It is fact that people are killing people. Question: Why do they do kill each other? Answer: Because they are subject to the passions. Question: Why are they subject to the passions? In the answer to this question you come up with all these theories (evolution, biological heritage, social conditioning), which, eventually, lead you into an explanatory dead-end street: It is all due to blind nature!

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