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Frequently Flogged Misconceptions

Instinctual Passions are Conditioning

Children are Born Innocent

Fear and aggression aren’t intrinsic (if they were, you wouldn’t have been able to overcome them) – they are produced causally. Some of the causes predate an individual’s birth. * Wrong. Fear and aggression is a human interpretation of value free behaviour. A lion does his lion thing – we call it aggression.

The fact that we as a child (before the age of four) gave ourselves up and became robots rather than humans. No Richard, it is caused by each parent or whoever cares for the child at and after birth, they begin the process of ‘conditioning’ based on there own conditioning, we have never known what to do to actually join our children we just control them just as we are controlled, this has been going on since the first children only now it is FAR worse and so are the products.

It seems clearer to say that there is a dissolution of the conditioning that gives rise to the illusion of self. That [dissolution of the conditioning] means there are actual chemical or neuro-physiological changes, not the ‘death’ of an imagined psyche although it may seem like ‘me’ dying. Whether it is psychological programming or biological programming or both, it stems from accumulated past impressions.

Again here, Richard, you authoritatively make a statement that has no basis in fact. A child is NOT born with aggression and fear. Those are learned traits. Obviously, you were not a very observant parent or grandparent. Humans are born with a central nervous system for responding to the environment. Fear and aggression are learned traits as a result of the environment.

Are you saying that a child is NOT born Innocent? Are you saying a child has evilness built in? I maintain that a child is born innocent. Please explain what you mean here. Yes – the child is innocent – but the innocence is from ignorance. This does not take the innocence away – it simply means it is a different type of innocence. The child is still innocent. The child is selfish – but there is nothing wrong with that – because the child is not yet aware that there are others to consider. So the child’s quality of ‘being selfish’ is not ‘evil’ or ‘bad’. It is innocent. There is no evil intent.

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