Actual Freedom ~ Frequently Flogged Misconceptions

Frequently Flogged Misconceptions

Actualists are all Clones of Richard

I must commend you on your sincere devotion to Richard’s method! Like your zeal in defending Richard

... feigned harmlessness, cut and paste laziness and of course those impressive ‘big words’ that make him look like an inconsiderate idiot. Then one of his parrots will come to their guru’s defence using his cloned vocabulary and corrupted aggro attitude.

No one can say you are right or wrong, but the fact that Vineeto and Peter, that are so close to you, did not arrived yet there is the proof that everything you are experiencing could be your hallucination. After all with what right Vineeto and Peter are defending you in the moment they don’t have personal experience? That means they obey you because of belief and might destroy other peoples’ life.

 Richard, why do you want Respondent No 44 to be Peter? Are you trying to create actualist clones?

A real teacher will always throw you back upon yourself, which is the opposite of what Richard is doing here with Vineeto and Peter. He talks the talk, but he doesn’t walk the walk. What you call ‘sprituality’ or ‘actualism’ is nothing more than a collection of management techniques.

Although I generally agree and enjoy many of the things stated on AF website, I have some doubts and I thought you might found them worth of attention. The first one concerns the writing style of some older actualists, like Peter, Alan and Vineeto, which is similar in its form and content with Richard’s. What I want to say is that when a person belongs to a group whether an actual or a virtual one, a characteristic he acquires is the lack of originality in its thinking, the ability to use new words in describing one’s experiences.

This would mean closer than (...) Peter & Vineeto ... Sure Richard they repeat your words ad nauseam until it has turned into a choking dogma. You have created them. They are choking on your teachings. Set them free already. Peter has been informed by you and as you are the founder and CEO the Aussie dollar stops with you take some responsibility for your employees.

It is all quite pathetic, this hierarchy business. Perhaps we should go into the business of selling Virtual and Actual Freedom Certificates. We could have them signed, dated, stamped and watermarked so that the owner can be in no doubt as to their freedom status. And they can prove it to anyone if challenged.

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