Actual Freedom ~ Frequently Flogged Misconceptions

Frequently Flogged Misconceptions

Life without Feelings is Barren

Life without feelings is indeed barren and sterile. There is life after the basic feelings of aggression and fear

So are you saying the universe is like Borg but without Borg’s central operator? 

If self-immolation is successful do you become like Spock?

Richard, I should like to ask the simple question ‘In which way one person that lost his being and ego, is different than a robot?

Richard, when I read your posts I keep having the impression that you could be a CIA artificial intelligence entity attempting to play the spiritual messiah role. What a way to lead humanity – with a machine. As well as my concerns about the possibility of a big brother watching us. What do you say?

Your answer could be improved with a bit of humour – become a little more human, like? Less robotic less staccato. While you reset the humour dial, the ‘claims’ dial could also do with a little going over.

I thought you had lost your sense of humour together with your feelings? Aren’t you being just a tinny little malicious here?

It still astonishes me how people can so easily turn their backs on Actual Freedom, as epitomized in Peter’s mail to No 3 – most are simply not interested in discovering how magnificent life can be. I was discussing this with my wife last night and it got back to the familiar sticking point – giving up emotions and becoming a ‘zombie’, as she puts it. Is this an objection you have come across? So far, as what starts one on the exploration, I think you are correct that some disillusionment et. is necessary, but then all who live within the Human Condition suffer disappointment, longing and desperation.

I should like to tell you, that the moment you are speaking about consciousness, PCE, etc., and that you perceive the infinity of the universe through apperceptive awareness (...). The feeler, can be eliminated, but why the feelings? As you have sensorial awareness, why not to have feelings awareness without the feeler?

I have no belief in my feelings. By feelings I – mean something ‘deeper’ than thought, than emotion ... something connected to something more real ... like insight. These are the insights. They just come to one ‘out of the blue’. This is what I mean by ‘true feelings’, the sixth sense. You are a firm adherent to the five senses; haven’t you come in contact with the sixth one yet? It takes a lot of patience; a lot of love and care; and an absence of judgement to live through the feelings. I don’t mean living ‘through’ feelings, but without attachment to the feelings.

Richard, are you a robot? Don’t be so predictable! I hereby beg you to consider I never even compared what you said to anything anybody else ever wrote or reportedly said. Let’s move on.

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