Actual Freedom ~ Frequently Flogged Misconceptions

Frequently Flogged Misconceptions

‘I’ Cannot Get Rid of ‘Me’

The ‘I’ and ‘me’, whatever they do they cannot get rid of themselves. Wherever they arrive is another projection of themselves. Is as they want to be prime ministers, only now they wanted to get rid of themselves. Only through comprehension they can get rid of themselves not through their will. Conclusion: actual freedom method, is a camouflaged mode of ‘I’ and ‘me’.

This may be the great flaw with AF ... the premise that the identity (often incorrectly called the Human Condition) can be eliminated. For instance, pain can’t be eliminated, but the attachment to pain (aka suffering) may be.

One is this and one is that, and yet one’s being has been extinguished. What are you talking about?

To know what is right means we must be subject to it, and it is this bone we choke on. I think you are making a serious error here to eliminate the subject of a higher power than yourself. While it is true that if you can eliminate it, you can get rid of inner conflict, you will never get rid of suffering or the horrors of the world this way. There is a hierarchy here in this world and it can be observed within to be so. It is of the utmost importance to see our relationship with this power.

As for ‘the identity within is oblivious to all things actual, it cannot be watched anyway’ (it = the actual universe), then how can an identity be sensible to what you’re saying? Is it not the identity who writes on this mailing list? The great number of objections to what you convey is understandable, as for an identity to agree to what you’re saying it would have to contradict its very nature: survival at all costs and if it would be an experiential agreeing, it will disappear. And how can anyone agree with you as there are so few PCE’s one experiences during life compared to the time spent busy being an identity?

I defy anyone to honestly answer ‘show me the doer’ and not realize that the doer is a mere construct or concept, fabricated by several forms of conditioning. (...) So, if all this is true, and that the ‘seeker’ is the very thing interfering with the ‘sought’, what do we do (if we ‘choose’ to) in the meantime with all this psychological hoo-ha? Even if one does stumble into awareness, it’s not like the mental claptrap disappears. And, you really can’t do much about it anyways ... the ‘self’ trying to eliminate the ‘self’ ... yeah, right.

How do you know this [that ‘I’ stand in the way of the purity of the perfection of the actual being apparent]? Is this just an ‘I’-dea?

And who would be the one to dispense with them [the feelings]?

How can one be friendly with oneself if the identity is seen as a parasite inside the body?

Given that ‘I’ am not actual, how can ‘I’ do anything that wasn’t going to happen anyway? In other words, how can an illusion have any executive power whatsoever? If ‘I’, as the agent of ‘my’ thoughts, feelings and actions, am an erroneous ex post facto claim of responsibility for the actions of the meat puppet who generates ‘me’, in what sense is ‘my’ freedom in ‘my’ hands? If the neural activity that generates ‘me’ has already happened before ‘I’ become aware of it, how can ‘I’ actually do anything?

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