Actual Freedom ~ Frequently Flogged Misconceptions

Frequently Flogged Misconceptions

Actual Freedom is Anti-Nature

I am ... out to demolish ... [the] belief in the old spiritual man-made ‘ideal’ of getting rid of your self ... that Richard has augmented with getting rid of literally everything that you can possibly call human: the feelings, emotions, instincts, sense of humaneness towards other people around you, in short all that was a natural given to start off with. To be so anti-nature is called preposterous.

It seems to me more logical, that if something like freedom of the instincts must happen to humankind, then nature knows when and something will take place. Why must depend on you to change your nature? Why you call nature blind nature etc and then you speak about beautiful universe unimaginable etc? Do you think that the universe who created you or in your words the universe who is you experiencing its self, is less intelligent that you?

Instincts are very powerful for the reason that they help surviving reproducing etc. If you have not to eat and you have no other way to find food, are you going to die or you will steal? You are doing sex without the reason to make any children, that means still because of the lust are having power on you.

So nature is completely idiot, it create unhappy humans and unhappy animals. That is what you are saying in other words.

Feelings are absolutely important. They had formed in the human brain before the language. The are controlled by the frontal lobes and also by the brain stem.

Why do you think one must to be void of feelings and emotions in order to not be abusive, a rapist, a murdered or suicidal. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with being sad, Richard. It is ‘ok’ to be sad. I get sad for a little while when something sad happens, like when my brother died. That was not ‘sorrow’. What is it that YOU have diagnosed as ‘malicious and sorrowful’ ... someone with feelings? Is it natural to run over an animal and not be ‘sad’ about it? When you accidentally kill something, are you not ‘sad’ about it?

Actualism won’t spread like a chain letter till we ‘actually care’ enough to learn how to observe and examine human instincts without ‘investigating’ them as though they are criminal. This contaminated trio is still moralising and posturing so learning is crippled here.

Why do you think one must to be void of feelings and emotions in order to not be abusive, a rapist, a murdered or suicidal.

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