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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Body and Personality Change with Death of Identity?

When you say that the (apparent) identity disappears, does the personality/characteristics of the f&b body change at all? That is, if the f&b b (can I refer to this as a person for now?) liked telling jokes, would the person still like this after the identity has died?  

Is it physically draining to be enlightened? Was there a change in your general or subtle state of health after AF? It seems like a load is taken off my nervous system or something in a PCE.

1 – The ‘something turning over the nape’ was when you were enlightened in 1981 or so, correct? When you ended the second self (or when it ended), was there any physical brain sensation? What was the nature of your life during this 30+ months? 2 – You have mentioned that you took DSM-IV or a psychiatric appraisal; were you ever interested in a MRI or relevant brain scans ... And if done, though they haven’t located the self, would you think you will be aiding the research? Maybe measure the amygdala activity? Do you think comparing scans of normal being like myself with yours reveal useful information?

I have had three protracted periods (1-2 weeks) when I experienced the same as Richard: 3-4 hours sleep per day was all that was required; much reduced intake of food. I would guess the reason for this is that the body is operating to its optimum. No ‘self’ requiring large amounts of energy to fuel its requirements. Richard, do you notice any increase in either food or sleep after engaging in extra physical activity? I was also intrigued that the decrease in sleep and food requirements did not occur during your ‘enlightened’ period.

If you don’t eat for a day or two, there would be certain sensations in your body which are usually classified as hunger by normal humans. Appetitive desires are something different.

Richard, I was wondering if you have experientially noticed whether or not your body responds more favourably towards certain foods. It would seem common sense to me that if one is serious about becoming free one would want all the vitality possible in order to fuel this pursuit. I am surprised that your body seemingly is equally vital, no matter what you ingest (that is what I gather from your above requotes).

How does the extinction of that survival package [blind nature’s rough and ready survival package] translate at the level of brain architecture? What changes? And where’s the evidence? Is the demise of ‘me’ a simple (un-)learning process involving the neural network in its structure (...)

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