Actual Freedom ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Briefly Can Your Way Be Taught? Success?

How briefly can your way be taught? How many have you taught successfully?

You’re going to have to send more information or draw a clearer map to paradise.

This [not being required for the process of understanding] is heroic but perhaps difficult to achieve. How do you measure your success so far?

I guess I realise at some level that the crux of the issue is the above (as in points 1 and 2) and that if I had to pick out the two most important things in a ‘teaching’ it would have to be those. As your teaching ...

I’d also be interested to hear your own philosophy and how you suggest we go about ridding the world of evil.

Do you feel we can will our way into this transformation you hint at, or do we get it by grace? To what do you attribute your finding this transformation? Can it be cultivated? Was it sought?

I discovered the actual freedom site a few days ago and find it compelling. It seems from my investigations so far to really actually and in fact offer something new. I mean, it seems like perhaps I can sort it out, sort out ‘the problem’, by doing/ being/ not being what you say? This site seems to be something different from other alternatives. I don’t know yet. I just don’t.

Okay ... is there any short-cut here? Instead of going through each one of them and labelling (– greedy me)? Something like J. Krishnamurti stuff (sorry!) by realizing that the whole thing of ‘ME’ has come about because of a misunderstanding that ‘observer’ is different from the ‘observed’? Knowing that at the end all has to go, is there a method different from the step by step approach, or this is the only way?

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