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Frequently Asked Questions

Public Talks, Personal Contact?

Do you ever travel overseas? Isn’t it better to meet in person to progress? How can words be enough? Do you ever give talks? Do you charge?

Do you think it would be a good thing for ‘Richard’ to be more widely known?

My question is: could I write to you personally, by e-mail?

I live in Manly, Sydney NSW and would like to talk more on these things, do you have a phone number I could ring? As I am using the local library internet computer and don’t get much time to use it. Maybe I can come up there to visit one day? Anyway thanks.

Kindly let me know if it is possible for me to meet you in person at Byron Bay. I would like to gain insight and knowledge and I believe that listening to and discussing with a person would be quite rewarding.

Meanwhile; could you send me a photo of yourself for me to publish on my website. I am curious also how come you do not actually have a photo of yourself on your site. And, also; what is your surname? I am sure that living on this very planet rather than in the spiritual realms where a lot of folk live you know that existing as a body at a particular location in time and space is a fact. I fail to see your willingness to show that aspect of yourself on the website.

I agree with Richard in one of his writings that the master needs to make himself available 24/7 to show all that he is practicing what he is saying, in the flesh. All I have is your online writings. Just one invited you to coffee and the other six billion minus one, can do what the like. I invite you to have a coffee with me, Richard. I don’t need 24/7, I can usually get what I’m looking for in the space what it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

You said once that you value your privacy. <...> By implication from your above writing; you imagine, or know, or have the point of view, or directly perceive, (which?), that the publication of your surname and your photo would dramatically increase the number of people who cannot think for themselves wanting to meet you. Is that how you think about it?

I would like to meet you once again for the enjoyment of each others company; and my friend, [name withheld] from Holland, has expressed interest in meeting the Richard I have been corresponding with. Would you like that?

However I do recognize you as a fellow human being (that at least gives it a shot to improve the quality of living) along this wonderful journey and I sincerely regret that when I was in Byron that we have not met personally.

The point of the things you have told us could only be to convince us that you have the answer and we should come to you for it.

How long will you continue writing and answering questions?

Has Richard ever appeared on a telly show or radio in Australia or elsewhere? Has he gone public with AF in any other form than this site?

Richard, I visited your taped dialogues section on your homepage, but could only access the transcribed versions. How could I get any of the actual taped dialogues, as I prefer listening to reading?

The fact remains that you said you rarely socialize and don’t do dinner parties although your 7 week hiatus was chock full of socializing, including during dinner. You have yet to clear up just how much you meet with your fellow humans interested in your words? I am sure there are a few here who may be interested in meeting with the One, the Only, free human this universe has ever had the privilege of hosting.

Richard, are you altering your stance that it is indeed pointless coming to see you vis-a-vis?

[...] apart from the videos, it is primarily through the mails and the articles I know about you. Prof. Gad Yair from The Hebrew University has developed a line of research on Key Experiences, especially relating to educational events. (...) Richard, is this your intention? I ask this because you (or Peter, I don’t remember) also wrote about the mentorship in actualism practice.

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