Actual Freedom ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Role of the Actual Freedom Trust

Richard, how is the AFT funded? How do you cover the costs of the web site and your staff?

And in your conversations, more often than not, the impression is that of a prick, not a caring human being.

What does that mean [the Actual Freedom Trust is a statutory legal body that five nominal directors established in order to operate under] ‘for sensible commercial reasons’?

... the ‘Actual Freedom Trust’ that was set up to ... ... to accept donations. Have donations been made by the way?

Will The ‘Actual Freedom Company’ be selling Richard (tm) merchandise after your death? ... Do you have any knowledge at all about how the Actual Freedom Trust will develop in the propagation of your work in the future?

One thing I have to note is that something that I find unique to Actualism is that there has never been a financial basis to it. This is totally unlike anything I’ve ever encountered and lends an innocence and credibility to it. You have never asked for our financial support or set yourself up as a leader.

Here’s the answer to your stalled actualist efforts – you need to buddy up. There’s a burgeoning market for Actualism – get an Actualist Life Coach ™!

Facts about the Actual Freedom Trust

Do you enjoy your actions being influential and getting approval and bearing fruits? Why do you enjoy people finding the site (and then mostly drifting on as is the way)?

What do you call these little statements taken directly from your website: (...)? Peter has been informed by you and as you are the founder and CEO; the Aussie dollar stops with you; take some responsibility for your employees.

The history of the glossary

Richard, Is it possible for you to give pointers to your correspondence on other mailing lists (listening-l, atheism) which is not archived on the website? Is there a reason why the names of the mailing lists and the correspondents are anonymized? Mailing list ‘A’ and Respondent 42 etc.?

So why then create the AF website, eh? You are happy, so why not keep quiet?

Are you involved with any charitable organisation, any non-governmental organisation or any form of social activism?

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