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Frequently Asked Questions

Richard’s Personal Life

I am also curious about your own background. Where do you live? I try to make a more personal contact. Not that it is important as such, but in this way I can begin a dialogue by taking the concepts you use as a starting point.

I don’t know about your personal life. Do you date? Cook?

Do you joke, laugh, flirt, act silly for the fun of it? (Please be prepared to receive a joke from me every now and then). Or have you become a serious man? Pleasure talking to you.

I am interested in the reasons for your change of abode and (apparent) lifestyle if you would care to provide them.

Do you enjoy stories?

Do you write anything not pertaining to actual freedom? I ask because you mentioned that writing is what you enjoy doing rather than painting now.

What interests me most about this ‘condition’ is how life is actually experienced. In your case, you have expressed some hints about the bodily functioning. You say that you have no libido, yet you can engage in sex. The obvious question arises: Do you become ‘aroused’ without any mental component (i.e. do you find yourself with an erection when a partner expresses some desire to engage in sex) or what? Do the sensations of sexual congress have a different quality than previously in the entity state? Would the idea of masturbation ever arise? Do you experience hunger? When you eat do you have preferences in food? When it is time to go to sleep do you ‘feel’ sleepy? Or do you experience sleeping as a restful but ‘awake’ state (i.e. awareness never sleeps)? Do you dream? Do sights and smells have an intensity greater than in the self state? Do certain smells ever ‘remind’ you of a past experience? Do you ever experience any revulsion with either taste, smell or other sensory experience (i.e. does dog shit stink)?

Richard, have you ever lied to anyone on this mailing list? Do you have any prejudices? Has anyone ever gone crazy from using the AF method? ... is there a link where you talk about your psychiatric experience? If not I am very curious to know how you ended up being professionally diagnosed as ‘crazy’. If a man touched your nipples or your lips or any other erogenous zone would you experience pleasure? And if so what does that imply?

Do you consider our discussions on my hasty statements satisfactorily settled so that you can move on to writing on the topics I inquired about (puritan period/ caffeine hypersensitivity/ someone who experienced The Absolute as masculine/ the painting painted itself)?

Can I have your views on abortion (are you pro-life or pro-choice?), euthanasia and ‘the right to suicide’?

A tangential question if I may? Do you avoid those black ribbons of death mainly/entirely as a personal choice (practical reasons, risk assessment, cost, pollution, etc) ...

... does your house ever get messy ... or do you stuff things away immediately? Has this – your being very orderly – always been the case? Are you an orderly man? In case that you have only limited interest in keeping up appearances and want to tell me subtly that you find questions about behaviour-only boring – what other kind of questions would you find more interesting? If that is not the case, what are you trying to tell me?

Do you know of any of your works being on public display, like on the internet? If it’s possible, could you share some of your art-works with the list?

Richard, do you have personal likes and dislikes: do you prefer certain foods to other, certain activities to others, certain television programmes to others and certain sports to others? How do you determine what is to be done? Let us take as an example the fact that you chased a shoplifter and when you finally caught up to him told him that what he had done was against the legal laws and that he should promptly return the item shoplifted. My questions related to the incidence are these: did you not consider the possibility of him being poor and/or not able to find work despite his best efforts which could possibly justify his shoplifting? What was the thought process operating in that situation? Are you involved with any charitable organisation, any non-governmental organisation or any form of social activism? How do you respond when people address you as ‘sir’ in restaurants, hotels and other public places ...

Though I’m in the 3rd year of medical school, if you ever need a second or third medical opinion, do not hesitate to consult me. I write this having read of your lower back problem. From memory, I say that around 80% of back problems have no identifiable cause (even after radiological investigations such as an X-Ray, CT scan, MRI, etc.). P.S: Becoming a medical doctor is so much easier now that I’m on the road, so to speak, to an actual freedom from the human condition. It is just amazing how the human body fits everything perfectly into place, and works remarkably well having done so.

Specifically, is an actual freedom from the human condition a potential threat to my everyday cup of freshly-brewed caffeinated morning coffee? I will begin spiking my morning coffee then [more on Richards food preferences]

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