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Frequently Asked Questions

The Difference between Feeling-caring and Actual Caring?

How do you distinguish between feeling-caring and caring?

I see now that ‘faking care’ isn’t what you mean by ‘feeling caring’. I’m curious, what would it take to be sincere? Is all feeling caring insincere – or are you saying that the person being true to their feeling of caring could be sincere by realizing that their caring is ‘self’ centred? Is it only possible to be sincere if one is actually free? Or ‘imitating’ the actual? Are you saying this [taking care of other people and things] only happens in a selfish sort of way? That all feeling caring is selfish – therefore not really caring at all? So properly caring for the other person is a prerequisite for ‘assuaging’ one’s own aroused feelings. Isn’t this actually caring about the other person? I’m still trying to pin down exactly how feeling caring is an ‘illusion’ of caring. I’m still tempted to think that one does care even in empathy – though not in the actualist sense.

And in your conversations, more often than not, the impression is that of a prick, not a caring human being. That is besides the point under discussion right now ... I presume you want to say that I do not ‘actually care about my human being’ whereas you do. Do you have any evidence to back up your above claim about me? Where have you perceived my uncaring attitude towards my fellow human beings? Just curious.

What is the difference in saying ‘I feel’ for my mother, and ‘I care’? Main Entry: 2care: Function: verb: 1 a : to feel trouble or anxiety b : to feel interest or concern (care about freedom).

Since you say this so often about this ‘160,000,000 people killed in wars this century alone ...’, since you make such a big thing about being without feelings, in what way can this fact be significant to you, if you have no feelings about this fact?

I find it logical that a jump will take place when is needed. Actually blind nature cares about me, that’s why it gave me the condition. Blind nature cares about species, that’s why I told you that when it find out that is the right time will evolve the whole species.

In what way does her integrity suffer if you change your partner? Also, how would you changing your partner ‘toy’ with your fellow human being?

Actualism won’t spread like a chain letter till we ‘actually care’ enough to learn how to observe and examine human instincts without ‘investigating’ them as though they are criminal.

Your inability to discern the difference in impact between individuals dying daily of old age accident disease or ignorance, and this on-going horror as millions of human beings try to deal with a mass tragedy on a scale never experienced in our lifetimes reveals you to be a callous and mentally dissociated sick human being.

I wonder whether this is sarcasm or what? Seems like it could be. Right, like you believe that or respect it. Ha, ha. The truth is Richard, if you actually believed that, we would be having a whole different conversation. One doesn’t even need to be telepathic or self-realized to see your insincerity.

Just as an example, Richard? I was feeling good till today morning. When I came to office today at 9.30am, I came to know that I have been dismissed due to a false complaint of a co-worker. I am not feeling good, in fact I am feeling shaken and insecure and thinking hard as to how to take care of my family. I am not vengeful or spiteful towards the complainant. For the life of me I can’t see how this sudden state of insecurity or of worry about my financial future is ‘silly’. I am considering it a justifiable reaction to a crisis. Hence, I am feeling as-is (worried, insecure and nervous). Any comments?

So if Vineeto were to pass on before you, what would actually caring mean in the wake of her death? You would not feel sad (I don’t know maybe you would at this point), you would not indulge in memories, so how would you describe the experience of someone close to you dying in terms of actually caring rather than being sad?

At this point, virtually everything about AF makes sense to me intellectually. (The exceptions are minor). All remaining reservations have a common thread: the fear of inhumanity & madness, the fear of losing capacity for fellow-feeling, compassion, intuition, empathy, etc. (Same old shit that everyone on this list must be facing – or dithering about – in their own way).

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