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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Answer to
‘How Am I Experiencing this Moment of Being Alive?’

What is the answer to the haietmoba? If I find that I am not feeling good or so, I can’t always find out why it is so, and soon the picture of my feeling bad tends to get very complex ... should I: a) suppress all this complex thinking and focus on the moment and try to feel good this moment; b) find out exactly what is preventing me from feeling bad however complex it is. Also, sometimes the ‘feeling bad’ comes in spikes ... I feel bad due to something and it is gone before I notice it ... should I poke it or leave it ...?

No, on second thought, I think I just don’t get the question. That is, it doesn’t make sense to me. Quote: ‘How am I experiencing this moment of being alive?’ The how has got me stumped.

Is Actual Freedom a scientific method? Can someone please list the laws contained within the method that enable one to minimise the social identity and the instinctual passions?

And why don’t you give an example, a real salt on the tongue, eyeball account of what it was like for you applying the method for a day or even 2 minutes? What actually happened in the beginning? What happened in you when you asked this question? I mean what happened, banal or otherwise ... to help point the way ... what were the pitfalls? Your account of the method leaves a lot to be desired.

As a fun challenge (I hope) hereby I present an interpretation of my understanding of AF so far as an altruistic contribution for whatever it may be worth. It is a reinterpretation (more or less in terms of a computer program) composed out of the original 9 character sequence+4 extra characters that I thought might vitalize the sequence (it did for myself).

Richard, how long do you think will it take before it becomes automatic to have the question running? How soon will the rewards can be reaped by the method (in getting rid of the ‘me’) so that the momentum can be acquired by the success rather than the veracity/power of your words?

Richard, is it possible to be typing this mail and parallely running the question ‘how am I experiencing this moment of being alive’? At least in the beginning days when I practice, won’t it interfere? Also, if I forget to run the question for half hour because I became involved in the mail, will the method cease to give its results?

I’ve been asking the HAIETMOBA throughout my day. I have a hard time seeing how this will eventually lead to self immolation, but I’m giving it a go anyways. I was wondering if the question could ever be shortened to ‘how am I experiencing’ or ‘what am I experiencing’ sometimes. Also, you claim that there is no self so would it not be more on target to say ‘what is this body experiencing’ or ‘how is this body experiencing this moment of being alive’ (HITBETMOBA)?

... you are the only one I know of who claims to be totally without any feelings. And you say that is to be done by repeating the phrase, ‘how am I experiencing my life at this moment?’ Could you please, in detail, explain how that phrase is supposed to free the entity who is asking it from ‘being’? How long are you supposed to ask it? Do you ever get an answer?

As far as the method, why is it necessary to ask ‘of being alive’? Isn’t it obvious that ‘How am I experiencing this moment?’ can only be asked by me if I’m alive? So, let’s say I feel lonely. I ask, then respond ‘I experience loneliness’, then I try to search for the cause of loneliness, which I think is conditioning of previous experiences of companionship, imprinted in me expectations of the moment. These don’t seem to be one specific point in time, but rather a vague overall experience with a past relationship. So, is that the correct procedure? Find the cause to whatever unhappiness, then look at it? Then find the belief/more that causes it, and kill it? What about when I feel neither too happy nor unhappy?

I spend pretty much every conscious moment applying your method to feel good, become a better person, appreciate more of life, and to ultimately be free and live in actuality. Right now, I’m trying to face these emotions and feelings that occur in me while applying your method. I ask myself ‘the question’ over and over again while playing a fancy trick with myself ... if I’m feeling a bad feeling of some kind (which is a lot of the time), I don’t try and change it or avoid it or nothing, I let it come in and do its thing and try and enjoy it somehow. Like if I’m in a state of fear, I take your cue and focus on the thrilling part of being in dread. It’s some ride. I do this with all these bad feelings. If I’m bored or feeling some other unpleasantness, I look at the feeling and focus on the real rush in experiencing these ‘annoying and tickling feelings’ and somehow enjoy the fact that it’s bothering but somehow thrilling because it’s causing me to think and feel all these bizarre things and its amazing in someway. Quite hard to explain but it’s having some success in that it’s helping me cope. Am I on the right track here, or should I be approaching emotional issues differently?

Whether it is a contradiction or not, I need this issue [getting back to feeling good] clarified for the practical application. (...) How is the method best done – should I examine the feeling and find its trigger while experiencing it, in order to get back to feeling good? Or should I get back to feeling good and then figure out why I last felt less-than-good?

What if we feel empty inside? What if nothing happened to you to end that felicitous feeling ... Suppose I feel bad for some reason. Isn’t the traditional way to fix the situation as opposed to seeing how silly it is? How does the mere seeing how silly it is make us happy once again? ... but that something must happen in order to trigger that feeling? Are you saying that thought must be applied in order to feel good again? If we don’t have the proper tools to fix the situation by taking action then no amount of thought can be applied to remedy the feeling. Aren’t feelings determined by the circumstances and not the thoughts?

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