Actual Freedom ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Actual Freedom Website?

Tell me, what is the point of telling people about actualism? I would think that sitting on the back porch, listening to birds, looking at the wind blow through trees, and sipping on some herbal tea would provide a much better series of moments than the ones spent haggling with so many dolts who have it 180 degrees wrong.

What is the concern for the plight of the people from a person who has no feeling, no emotion, no caring, no nurturing, no love?

Richard, if you had ‘made a mistake by going public to share [your] discovery and understanding’ then it is too late now.

Richard, have you ever thought of offering different translations of your website, for non-English speaking folk? I would certainly like to see your writings available to anyone who can read (in whatever language).

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