Actual Freedom ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Consciousness?

What is consciousness? Is consciousness material? If yes is matter that forms consciousness conscious of itself? Is consciousness in the body, or the body in consciousness? If you mix together the elements from whom the body is made in the right analogy, will consciousness take place?

You are speaking about PCE’s. What is consciousness? You are explaining me the manifestation of consciousness. I had asked you what is consciousness per se, in itself. * I am asking you is your consciousness different from mine, in which way? If you answer me that your consciousness is pure consciousness, then you differentiate between states of consciousness. How you know you are not in an altered state of consciousness?

What is ‘consciousness’ without thought? What exactly is ‘self-less’ awareness, which apparently can exist without thought? What is consciousness for that matter? What about it makes it ‘pure’?

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