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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I disappear the ‘I’ and the ‘me’?

I can see that when the mind becomes aware of itself ‘I’ and ‘me’ disappears and that I am the senses. I also see that this sensuousness produces a PCE. I can also see that thru increased awareness it is possible to do this on a consistent basis. My question is: Can I permanently disappear the ‘I’ and the ‘me’?

You sound like a remarkable man and I would like to ask a question. I have been reading your posts with considerable interest, most of it I had already seen and I was trying to do somewhat the same but I found this gap. The gap between knowing that all sense of identity is a construct, knowing that all joy/pain and happy/sad is ego driven and knowing the internal-I can and should be rid from and actual dissolution. I know that information is having effect but surely not as drastically as described by you so let me ask if something can be done, is it a question of time or simply more reasoning or more information. Also, could you affirm that all this is one happening in the now and that it is possible to experience it like that.

The basic question is can the ego be seen as a whole with all its qualities and seeing the truth of all that it ends. Oh, an actual I. Is it a varying or constant quality?

Are you (the thinker or chooser) bringing about this psychic death? Are you (the thinker or chooser) bringing about this psychic death? If there is no ‘me’ inside this body, why insist that ‘one’ must die to find out the actuality?

Are all instincts ‘software’ as implied in the quote above? I take it that you are saying that all instincts are software. No chance that any instinctual bits might be governed by hardware at all and thus be beyond the reach of ‘extirpation’? Could some instincts be hard-wired? Closely allied to the instincts are the regulatory functions such as digestion, body temperature and heartbeat. How then do you really know that you have rid yourself of all instinctual impulses, drives and urges?

To reject the ‘I’ as opposed to encouraging it as opposed to making it unwanted? [Richard: No.] Then how are we supposed to get rid of the ‘I’?

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