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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is love (Love) No Solution?

The teachings point the way to love, but it is up to each one to discover that for himself. (Please don’t give me a tirade on ‘love’ paling in hue in the light of ‘actuality’.)  Someone ... has said that love has failed because hundreds (thousands?) (millions?) of ‘seekers’ have failed to find a certain state they were looking for, which they titled ‘love’. Of course, they did not find love because a self cannot find love. Because one can neither ‘find’ nor ‘try’ Love. Love comes of its volition, not because one has sought after it.

A relationship without love seems so empty, why be together if there is no love? Why stay committed to one person? If you are unconditional happy and pleased, why hold on to something? A comparison between a relationship with love and a relationship with ‘actual freedom’, would be appreciated. I guess the most common and accepted reason why people commit to each other is because they feel attraction to the person and want to give himself/herself to the other person, what reason if you are ‘free’?

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