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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Risk of Using the Actualism Method?

So the obvious question is to be: ‘Does a man of apperception fall under the yoke of causation or not?’ To be fair on that my guess is ‘Yes’ ... but then again the risk is high.

Is ego dissolution a necessary precursor to ‘soul death’ or would ego dissolution be an automatic consequence of dissolving the affective self first? In other words, is ‘spiritual enlightenment’ a necessary consequence of ego death (sans soul death) or is ‘enlightenment’ simply a risk of same?

In my case, this me, this ‘I’ is very skilful of somehow sneaking in through ‘a back door’.

Perhaps you should arrange a meeting with a psychiatrist because if your condition is indeed linked to (Right) Temporal Lobe damage, the + 4 million words on the website might prove to be more harmful than harmless.

In light of a post today (R: Case <name deleted>) does this method throw up such risks? And that’s why I asked the query about risks of mental health, just as you have no intention or wish to go enlightened way! I have no intention or wish to go crazy.

This broadening of one’s awareness is a win-win situation, for without it all of one’s gains in virtual freedom can be lost as one slips back into self-centredness and self-indulgence. I was a little surprised by this statement of yours. It seems to imply that after having effectively done away with social identity one can easily go back to having one. What was your experience of the time you spent holidaying in virtual freedom? Did you find any tendencies to revert back to your old ways?

The only reason that one would want to give up one’s beliefs was if one had something better to do with one’s life. This explains why it is so difficult to find these beliefs!

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