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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Sleep, Dream?

Do you sleep? Do you experience three states of consciousness? Four? One only? * Richard, your response prompted me to write about an issue that I have been pondering for some time. That is the relationship between instincts and sleep. Its seems that on night when I have had only 4-5 hours sleep, I wake finding that I have very little activity in the area of emotions, yet after a night of long deep sleep my head is groggy and the emotions are much more sensitive. This seems odd as most people I know get more emotional when they have a bad nights sleep. Do you recall having any experience with this? If you were now to sleep 9 hours what do you think would be the effect?

Richard, it occurred to me awhile ago to ask you about dreams. It really is a very simple matter: do you dream at night? From reading your website, Journal, and correspondence with others, it is clear that the imaginative faculty was eliminated when you underwent the radical mutation which resulted in an Actual Freedom from the Human Condition. I find your comments about the lack of the imaginative faculty to be, well ... honestly, fascinating. After the mutation you experienced, did you notice anything about dreaming at night? I saw a program on TV recently in which dream experiments were being conducted on human subjects, with the object of understanding what happens when human beings dream. An expert on the program opined that dreams originate in the lower, more primitive sections of the brain which sends signals or transmissions into the higher, cortical centres which then get remembered as dreams. The expert also opined that dreams have little significance other than just being random transmission from these deeper emotional parts of the brain. This caused me to consider what happens when the primitive animal instincts are extirpated and eliminated: do dreams then stop completely?

Are you actualised free people able of siddhis? Do you dream? What ‘I’ says that?

Lately I was reading the section on AF site where you reported about your lack of dreaming. ... Weren’t you telling on other place of the same page that you aren’t aware of anything during the sleep or that sleep is oblivion? ... So as I understand it, on first occasion you talk about having sometimes stray thoughts during sleep, on the second occasion you talk about TV with no sound during your sleep where there’s no dreamer, just dreaming, on third occasion you again talk about stray thought during sleep, and on fourth occasion you talk about no awareness whatsoever during your sleep.

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