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Frequently Asked Questions

Richard’s Personal Relationships

What motivates Richard to be in a relationship with a woman if he is living in Actual Freedom (which I understand to be more or less a permanent PCE)?’ I mean, why bother?

Either the man or the woman is going to have the dominant role in the relationship. I say that if it is the woman, it means serious problems for sure. If in your marriages, you did not see anything about this, I doubt I could convince you otherwise. You could have observed it. If you did not, I wonder why? ... Did you live in harmony 24 hours a day? If so why was she your second wife? Were you both perfect?

Were all three people in the three-way relationship with Irene, yourself and Grace engaging in sexual relations (i.e. were Irene and Grace sexually active together, etc.)? 2) Was there any hint that Irene may have been jealous of your sexual relationship with Grace? 3) Why, if you had a ‘perfect’ relationship with Irene, would you want to add a third party? I don’t remember this being covered thoroughly in past correspondence and now that I think about it, that is rather surprising to me.

Richard, I’m interested to know how knowing and experiencing your partner changed over the years, as it probably closely mirrors the changes in your condition. I know that love allows one to enter into direct contact with the other’s being and thus experience him/her. I don’t know how to put it more to the point ... do you now know/experience your partner’s character (the third I so-to-speak), the actual person? Is someone’s actual character original (in the sense that it’s an unique combination of elements)? Are your preferences in regards to choosing/living with a partner mainly influenced by this or simply by your heterosexual orientation (any partner will do, as you experience intimacy with any body)?

After so much of what you write about the wonderfulness of living, etc., I inject ‘he obviously hasn’t had to deal with a teenager’. Don’t write me back that you are blissfully swimming in a house full of them.

1) How old were your children when you became enlightened and how did that event affect them and their/your relationship? 2) How old were your children when you became actually free and how did that event affect them and their/your relationship? 3) What is your current involvement with your offspring? 4) If someone were to ask your offspring about you, what might they say? How do they view you and an actual freedom from the human condition? I remember a correspondence where you said something like: ‘it took 5 years to unravel the legacy of Richard the identity in relation to ‘his’ family’. I am interested in a more in-depth explanation of this topic by yourself.

[Richard]: ‘For most of the 11 years I was more than loving with children, more than compassionate, as I was love, I was compassion ... or, better put, there was only love, there was only compassion. At least one of the children in my care, custody and control at the time (I was a single parent for a number of years) bears the legacy of that era to this very day due to the powerful influence of such intense affection’. [endquote]. Can you elaborate on this? What was the influence/effect of your parenting during that era on the child you mention? Do you think this change benefited your children ...

Do you belong to any groups or organizations of any kind? Do you have a more active social life now or less active? What happened to you socially when you self-immolated?

Why are you single now?

If you will indulge my question: is it possible still to have actual intimacy, even if the partner (man/woman) is evidently inhibited by self and survival instincts? You do not prescribe to fellow humans, but do you recommend the above sensible approach rather than ‘experimenting’ with fellow human beings to explore sexuality or actual intimacy? I am aware that PCE and EE are much more possible during sexual intimacy and congress hence the urge to experiment. [...] That is what most women will look forward to. And social conditioning pulls tight strings on this ‘wild side’ and mankind finds it most threatening – to social institutions of family, religion, marriage etc.

If you will indulge my question: is it possible still to have actual intimacy, even if the partner (man/woman) is evidently inhibited by self and survival instincts? our comment about ‘As there are no identities in actuality I actually interact only with flesh and blood bodies’ – was extremely useful in detecting some slippery and subtle identification in my interactions with others.

Did your third wife discontinue the actualism process? Hmmm ... another case of the bird needing to leave the nest, eh?

I appreciate the fascinating glimpse into the interaction between you and your third wife. I can relate to her last line ‘she’s full of problems!’ as I have said/wrote similar things about ‘[Respondent]’ to my ex-wife and a friend when having a very pure peak experience. I said ‘While ‘[Respondent]’ could talk about your present lover with you, it would be painful to ‘him’ where for me it is experienced as two individuals just talking about life without the felt sense of all the past history between ‘us’.’ Even to this day, my capacity of talking to her about her lover (the man she left me for) is an excellent marking stick for whether or not I’m on the wide and wondrous path.

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