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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Good for the Body to Engage in Regular Exercise?

I have read that stress can be bad for the body, in that it can have a very negative effect on one’s immune system and thus make the body subject to many kinds of illnesses and problems. But the general agreement among health experts across the globe is that regular exercise (along with good nutrition) is the best thing to promote a healthy body. What evidence do you have that says that regular exercise isn’t good for the body?

Just so that we are clear, Rick is asking: Is R.E. good for the body? Richard replies: No. Which is in contradiction of the current scientific knowledge.

Richard, are you saying exercise is not needed to reduce emotional stress in the actual world or that it is not needed to keep a healthy body?

I can’t speak for a control group trial or a statistical epidemiological trial but I can speak for my own experiential evidence. I have walked 2.5 miles per day above my normal daily activity for almost three months and I have lost 15 lbs. I was speaking of my own experience in which I was already overweight and my normal everyday activity is low. This is hard to admit but just yesterday and today I am dealing with another crisis situation with my mother and have become depressed and tried to make myself feel better by eating more and so I have gained back some of the weight I lost. * In my own situation walking an extra 2.5 miles per day is very beneficial to my physical well being. One needs sufficient normal activity even if one has not eaten too much. For example, one’s muscles would atrophy without sufficient normal activity.

Richard, what would be the cause for over-eating and obesity in your experience? And why this all-mighty trend to tackle the effects and not the causes when dealing with various problems? Is it because it is easier, they are more obvious or maybe because you’re left with no choice when the unpleasant effects arise?

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