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Frequently Asked Questions

Richard’s Personal Life before Actual Freedom

My questions here are mostly about the identity ‘Richard’. I know that prior to 1981 there were certain traits that could be ascribed to the identity ‘Richard’ – who decided after the 4 hours of PCE to take a voyage that cast him away from the original destiny for 11 years and then with an admirable determination ‘he’ took the final leap into oblivion – to result in you, who are at present reaping the benefits of such an action. You have spoken about the striving for integrity from him (the bit about looking into the mirror), and the determination to find out no matter what (from the memory of PCE) as some good qualities in ‘him’ that enabled the result – apart from other aspects I do find admirable too: a history of being in the war zone and experiencing and reflecting on such, farm-boy and the early PCE or naiveté you speak about, your pottery and becoming one with the doing – though not sure whether these were any crucial for such a result.

‘You’ must have been a particularly happy-go-lucky-camper all those years ago, as a ‘normal’ person, in order for that 4 hour PCE which set in motion all the events leading to the immolation of that identity to occur. No?

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