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Please note that some text below was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.

Death ~ Self-Immolation
vs. Immortality

Death: The act or fact of dying; the end of life; the final and irreversible cessation of the vital functions of an animal or human. The ceasing to be, extinction, or annihilation of something. Oxford Dictionary

Peter: The human body is programmed by blind nature with a set of instincts to ensure the survival of the species. This instinctual programming has ensured the individual human to be in an almost constant state of fear of death , a constant preparedness for aggression against others, a constant necessity to nurture one’s offspring and a constant desire for whatever is perceived as necessary for survival. Of these instinctual emotions, the one that is most evident and the strongest felt is fear – it is the most persistent and all-embracing of human emotions.

Fear of death can readily be observed in many sentient beings but it is only humans who suffer both psychological and psychic fear. This is because humans have not only an instinctual sense of self but a sophisticated and complex social identity , instilled since birth, by one’s tribal peers. Thus the raw instinctual fear of death is translated into both psychological fear and psychic fear by the resulting entity programmed into the brain – who we ‘think’ we are and who we ‘feel’ we are as opposed to what we are, a flesh and blood body. This alien entity will then do anything and everything possible to ensure its own survival, and the safety, sanity, comfort and sensate pleasure of the body are mostly denied or subjugated to this ‘self’-ish demand.

It is impossible to be happy and harmless if one lives in a constant state of psychological and psychic fear. The obvious and only solution is to eliminate the root cause of this fear – the instinctual ‘self’ and the social identity, the alien entity in its totality. It is a fact that to become happy and harmless, free of malice and sorrow one must actively undertake the elimination of the psychological and psychic entity and then take the final irrevocable step that is ‘self’-immolation. One’s destiny – to be happy and harmless – lies beyond extinction. To fear this fact is the equivalent of fearing the fact of physical death.

Human beings, alone amongst the species of the universe, are not only aware of their own eventual death but have the ability to reflect upon it. As such we have concocted and imagined all sorts of ‘after-lives’ and ‘other-worlds’ in which the alien entity, as the psychic entity or soul, will survive physical death. In fashion at the moment is attempting to induce an Altered State of Consciousness whereby one imagines one is a Divine and Immortal soul – the Ultimate Delusion.

However for those humans who are sincere in ridding themselves of malice and sorrow, ‘self’-immolation is the only option, and the feeling of fear the only obstacle. It is the fact that this ‘self’-less state has been experienced in a Pure Consciousness Experience that gives one both the confidence and surety to undertake such a radical action. To cease being a lost lonely, frightened and very cunning entity that dwells in the body and to become the universe experiencing itself as a human being is an experience certainly not to be missed in one’s lifetime.

A third alternative is now available to either living a ‘normal’ life of fearing the fact of physical death or a ‘spiritual’ life of denying the fact of physical death. It is only by experiencing psychological and psychic extinction that one can be actually free of the fear of death. Psychological and psychic self-immolation is the only sensible sacrifice that ‘I’ can make in order to reveal perfection.

Richard: ‘When the ultimate moment happens, one finds that one has gone beyond everything. Nothing remains, only utter stillness abounds. The perfection and purity of the stillness is impossible to imagine – it has to be lived to be known. The journey is over, one has arrived at one’s destination. One’s destiny is here.’

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