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Please note that the text below was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.


Mind: 1 Memory. The faculty of memory. Remembrance, recollection, memory. 2 Thought; purpose, intention. 3 a. The action or state of thinking about something; the thought of. Chiefly in have mind of, think of, give heed to. b. Attention, heed. 4 a. Purpose, intention. b. An inclination, a wish; a liking. 5 The direction of a person’s thoughts, desires, inclinations, or energies. 6 A person’s opinion, judgement, or view. 7 The intellect, intellectual powers, esp. as distinguished from the will and emotions. 8 The healthy or normal condition of the mental faculties. 9 a. A (usu. specified) disposition, character, or way of thinking and feeling. b. A particular feeling or attitude towards something. 10 The state of a person’s thoughts and feelings. 11 Mental or psychic faculty. 12 a. The seat of awareness, thought, volition, and feeling; cognitive and emotional phenomena and powers as constituting a controlling system, spec. as opp. matter; the spiritual as distinguished from the bodily part of a human being. b. A person or a group of people collectively as the embodiment of mental faculties. c. A controlling or directing spiritual being or agency. Oxford Dictionary

Peter: What a potpourri of a definition – no wonder people are so confused when the word ‘mind’ is mentioned, and Mr. Oxford seems to aim at satisfying all comers including the spiritualists.

Perhaps a good starting point in sorting the confusion is to simply regard mind as the brain in operation.

The human brain is the most advanced of the all the sentient beings and is biologically exceptional in having a large neo-cortex or modern brain covering and overlaying the primitive, reptilian brain. Thus it is that the human mind retains all of its animal instinctual functions and primitive self, and these are combined with an ability to think, reflect and communicate to a degree unsurpassed in any other species.

The human brain, in its present state of evolution, is thus two brains – primitive and modern – and it is this very duality that is the cause of human sorrow and malice and results in a mind almost continually in a state of confusion, fear and angst. For millennia, humans have relentlessly sought freedom, happiness and peace as an escape from this torturous state and yet have found no solutions save the fickle solace offered in believing and hoping for an imaginary ‘better life’ after physical death.

In the Eastern Religions the mind is seen as the problem, and a sophisticated yet puerile belief-system and associated torturous practices have evolved, deliberately aimed at stifling and eradicating sensible thought such that imagination and feeling are given free reign. A common theme in all ashrams, temples and sanghas is that the devotee is admonished to ‘leave your mind at the door, surrender your will, and trust your feelings’. This stifling of the mind has left much of the East wallowing in poverty, ignorance and disease with repression, suppression, corruption, fatalism, subjugation, servitude, despotism, and theocratic rule rampant.

That these Ancient traditions and wisdoms are still practiced is witness only to the desperation of those seeking freedom and obviously has nothing to do with the sagacity or success of the belief-system. In the Buddhist tradition, one estimate is that there have been at least 1 billion followers over the centuries, and no more than one thousand have achieved Enlightenment – the Altered State of Consciousness that masquerades as freedom. This is a success rate of 0.0001% – and the rest dutifully believe that they get recycled to suffer earthly existence yet again until they manage to achieve freedom from the cycle of birth and death – the wheel of misery. ‘There is always next lifetime’ is a common belief. What a depressive and oppressive, mindless belief-system!

Thus far one has had two choices. To accept one’s lot in life, coping as best one can with a mind that is almost continually in a state of confusion, emotional turmoil and angst, or to escape into a fantasy mind-world created by stifling and eradicating sensible thought such that imagination and feeling are given free reign. There is now available a non-spiritual, down-to-earth solution to the current evolutionary state of the human mind. With diligence, perseverance and pure intent, one can dismantle one’s social identity – all of the morals, ethics, values and psittacisms that one has been imbibed with since birth.

One then achieves a Virtual Freedom from the need to continually be on guard lest one’s instinctual passions flare to the surface. One finds oneself living in an almost constant state of being happy and harmless. With the confidence so gained from living in this state, one can then proceed to devote one’s life – literally – to evincing the mutation in the brain-stem that causes the extinction of one’s identity in total, both social ‘I’ and instinctual ‘me’ (both ego and soul for the spiritually minded). One is then freed from the Human Condition in its entirety – freed from the need to abide by futile and unliveable moral and ethical standards for one is actually released from the instinctual passions of fear, aggression, nurture and desire that are sourced in the primitive brain.

The traditional frivolous, futile and imaginary pursuit of the meta-physical can not, and can never be, a solution for the emotional turmoil of the instinctual passions and the resulting psychological angst that is intrinsic to the human mind. The problem is a neuro-biological one, not a spirit-ual one. The solution is a modern, practical down-to-earth one – to free oneself from the instinctual passions located in the primitive reptilian brain.

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