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Please note that the text below was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.


Compassion: Participation in another’s suffering; fellow-feeling, sympathy. Pity, inclining one to show mercy or give aid. Sorrowful emotion, grief. Oxford Dictionary

Peter: An agreement to common suffering. By the very nature of compassion one needs someone lower, poorer, or less spiritually advanced than oneself to practice compassion on. This is blatantly obvious in Buddhism where the Dalai Lama is venerated as the re-incarnation of ‘the Lord who looks down with compassion on the world of sentient beings’. He was the God-King of Tibet and all of the wealth and power of the country was centralized in the temples. This Theocracy ensured that the poor stayed poor, while temples – and dead Lamas – were coated in gold. The wealth of the Vatican and other religious centres attests to the power and hypocrisy of spiritual compassion in action.

Current New Dark-Age fashion has it that earth is a ‘sacred’ place (Mother Earth, Gaia, etc) and, as such, we should treat the land, animals and plants as holy and sacred and feel compassion for their ‘suffering’ and ‘death’. This version of compassion then values the tiger in India, the python in Africa and the butterfly in South America more highly than one’s fellow human beings who are genuinely suffering from poverty, disease, over-population, starvation and lack of education. This ‘compassion’, when practiced assiduously, often leads to the stopping of many projects and developments that would improve the living standard, comfort and health of humans in poorer undeveloped countries.

To maintain the sacred-ness of compassion as a human feeling is to perversely insists that no one is ever allowed to be free of suffering without being accused of being evil, unfeeling or callous towards others ‘less fortunate’. Misery and suffering is to remain forever locked in the human psyche by the mutual agreement to suffer together. Feeling compassion is but an attempt to alleviate the feeling of sorrow exactly as love is an attempt to alleviate aggression by a valiantly promoting and valuing the good instinctual emotions and repressing or transcending the bad emotions.

It is only by stepping out of the ‘real’ world’s agreement to mutual suffering and the ‘spiritual’ world’s sanctimonious and pious Divine compassion that one can completely rid oneself of sorrow. When one stops ‘feeling’ compassion and empathy, there is the direct opportunity available to actually do something about the wars, tortures, poverty and physical suffering of one’s fellow human beings – to facilitate an end to sorrow in oneself.

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