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Please note that some text below was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.


Intimacy: Intimate friendship or acquaintance; close familiarity. Intimate or close connection. Closeness of observation or knowledge. Oxford Dictionary

Peter: Intimacy is a word that is commonly interchanged for love or friendship. This intimacy is a fickle thing as it is but a feeling and not a factual sensate experience. As such, it is subject to all the deceits and deceptions that result when one lost, lonely, frightened and very cunning soul vainly attempts to ‘connect’ or bridge the gulf that is always felt with other similarly lost souls.

However for those willing to dismantle the alien entity inside, both ego and soul, the rewards of discovering an actual intimacy brings constant delight and wonder. Freed of fear and aggression and any separate ‘self’ whatsoever, a direct intimacy is possible with all people, things and events. The hallmarks of this intimacy are an immediacy, directness, innocence and purity that leaves feelings such. as love or compassion for dead.

Richard: Actual intimacy – being here now – does not come from love, for love stems from separation. The illusion of intimacy that love produces is but a meagre imitation of this direct experience of the actual. In the actual world, ‘I’ as ego, the personality, and ‘me’ as soul, the ‘being’ – both subjectively experienced as one’s identity – have ceased to exist; whereas love accentuates, endorses and verifies ‘me’ as being real. And while ‘I’ am real, ‘I’ am relative to other similarly afflicted persons; vying for position and status in order to establish ‘my’ credentials … to verify ‘my’ very existence.

To be actually intimate is to be without the separative identity … and therefore free from the need for love with its ever un-filled promise of Peace On Earth. There is an actual intimacy between me and my companion. Actual intimacy is a direct experiencing of the other. I am having a superb time … and it is a well-earned superb time, too.

Nothing has come without application – apart from serendipitous discoveries because of pure intent – and I am reaping the rewards which are plentiful and deliciously satisfying. Actual intimacy frees one up to a world of actual splendour, based firmly upon sensual and sexual delight. The candid and unabashed sensate enjoyment of one’s body and the world around one is such a luscious and immediate experience, that the tantalising but ever-elusive promise of the mystique of love fades into the oblivion it deserves.

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