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Please note that the text below was written by the feeling-being ‘Peter’ while ‘he’ lived in a pragmatic (methodological), still-in-control/same-way-of-being Virtual Freedom before becoming actually free.



  1. Physical contact between individuals involving sexual stimulation of the genitals, sexual intercourse; spec. copulation, coitus.
  2. The difference between male and female, esp. in humans. Now spec. the sum of the physiological and behavioural characteristics distinguishing members of either sex; (manifestations or consequences of) sexual instincts, desires.

Peter: The trouble with trying to find enjoyment, delight and intimacy in sex (a) is the hindering baggage that comes with it due to definition (b). There are significant conditioned expectations of sexual activity that vary enormously between males and females as well as cultural and religious beliefs, morals and ethics. There exists a veritable madness of conflicting opinions, values, standards and behaviours ranging from religious and spiritual pious-ness, denial or sacredness to repression, control or transcendence. Despair abounds as yet another generation is born into ignorance and shame, never quite able to unveil the mystery behind the taboos and beliefs.

Beneath it all lies the shame of our animal-like behaviour and instinctual drive that entraps women to motherhood, and men to mate (and reproduce) with women and its subsequent entrapment. Watching animal rituals and mating behaviours, the similarity to human sexual behaviour is very apparent. To be free of all that nonsense is such an actual freedom and one then enjoys the constant, ever-changing, delightful and sweet intimacy between a man and a woman that tingles every cell in the body.

For Vineeto and I, when we freed ourselves of all the beliefs and instincts that had prevented us from living together in peace and harmony, the pure natural delight of freely enjoyed sex was revealed, step by delicious step. The very process of investigating the Human Condition and putting the issues on the table to be mutually resolved rather than fearfully coveted, allowed us to penetrate this most personal, most intimate of subjects. More than this, we also dug deep to tackle the instinctual behaviour patterns that ultimately doom human sex to failure, resulting in dis-appointment, resentment and eventual abandonment.

What an utter tragedy as one can have such extraordinary sensory delight from the pure physical sexual play between a man and a woman. It requires, though, a thorough investigation of all the taboos, mystique and conditioning which have been largely imposed by the priests and gurus – the very same priests and gurus who declare sex to be sinful or to be eventually transcended – abandoned on the path to the Higher. For centuries they have practiced their denial and celibacy with monumental hypocrisy and torturous selfishness. They obviously have not a clue when they talk about sex … and yet it is their Wisdom that we follow! Very curious.

The free enjoyment of sex is a delightful by-product of the complete process of dismantling the psychological and psychic entity within. In other words, two people have to be equally committed to the process. It takes two to tango of course; human bodies do it easily and naturally – it’s simply a matter of getting rid of absolutely all of the mental wiring that is in the way. It was also essential to bring a halt to the battle of the sexes between us, because in my experience the bed becomes a major battleground. It was also essential to free myself of the set of emotions and instincts called love that prevents the actual intimacy necessary for complete sexual enjoyment.

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